Tourism Affairs carries out sales missions for DMCs, hotels, CVBs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

B2B sales is great fun if you have the right partner for your missions who is creative, targeted, efficient, pro-active and experienced at the same time. TA is!

Partnering with Textends your sales force on the ground. A variety of proper sales activities provides you immediate accesses to the German speaking markets:

 classical sales calls (sales blitzes) with one-to-one meetings

 sales events, e.g. breakfast meetings, dinner events, roadshows, etc. 

 fam trips organisation with regards to selected buyers

 trade fair assistance, hosted buyer groups, invitations, ...

 trainings, seminars and workshops for trade partners - both in person as well e-learnings, webinars, etc.


 last but not least the focus on acquisition of new sales channels


Tourism Affairs
Igelweg 2
30900 Wedemark / Germany

Tel. +49 (0)5130 928 63 20
Email: info{@}

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